14Aug 2018

If you’re considering a beautiful condominium for rent as your next living situation, there are a number of different factors you have to consider. Everything from location to price and amenities are important, and this may vary based on exactly what your situation is.

At Positano Homes, we’re here to help. One of the biggest factors for many people? How many rooms to get when they view our fantastic condos for rent. Should you consider an extra bedroom on top of the number of sleeping spaces needed? Here are a few elements that may play a big role in this decision.

Significant Other

Even if you and your significant other have a fantastic relationship, moving in together will create some challenges. There’s a chance you may feel a bit cramped for space in a single room, even a master bedroom that naturally comes with a bit more open space.

In these cases, a second bedroom might be valuable. It can add additional space for storage, plus can serve as a secondary sleep location if either member of the partnership has some early troubles. If you have guests, this is also a perfect area for them to stay. This doesn’t mean it’s an absolute necessity, but consider the option.

Entertaining Guests

As we noted, guests are another major benefit of an extra room. You always know you can entertain guests overnight if needed without infringing on anyone’s space, whether this is friends or family of some kind. In addition, multi-bedroom floor plans often contain more space overall for entertaining.

Working From Home

If your job allows you to work regularly from home, you might consider an extra bedroom that can be converted to an office space. This will save you money on commuting while providing a specific area where you can focus on work, rather than doing so on the couch in front of the TV and other possible distractions.

Saving Money

There are other ways of using a second bedroom to save money, as well. Consider using it as a home gym instead of paying for a membership, or as a way to save money on travel by hosting friends. The options are almost limitless.

For more on how a second bedroom might benefit your condo, or to learn about any of our rentals or other real estate offerings, speak to the pros at Positano Homes today.